Reader’s Letter: Stalls are for traders not campaigners

Worksop Market, Bridge Street
Worksop Market, Bridge Street

The Shireoaks resident who complains about political groups being stopped from having a market staff is confused (letter 9th May).

His myth looks like a poorly conceived publicity stunt to boost his campaign as a UKIP candidate in the elections next week.

For a number of years all political parties and pressure groups have been refused the possibility of renting a market stall. This includes the Labour Party and the Conservative Party.

The reason is very simple: the market is for local businesses to sell their wares and market traders have in past years suggested that campaigners might be getting stalls that they could be renting to sell their produce. I am not prepared to refuse a local trader, seeking to make a living for themselves, in order to allow political campaigners a stall to rest their leaflets on.

If political campaigners want to petition in the streets, including my own party and the local MP, then they are free to do so, but they do not need to take a stall that a market trader can be doing business from.

Indeed, I have been personally involved in campaigning in the town centre to save our ambulance stations, our court and other important services. I suggest your disgruntled letter writer spends a bit more time shopping in the town and he will see how many local groups are active and out about, instead of moaning about a non-existent problem.

Councillor Jo White

Regeneration Portfolio Holder, Bassetlaw District Council