Reader’s Letter: Sentence is a joke!

Worksop Magistrates Court
Worksop Magistrates Court

What a farce, benefit cheat fiddles over £18,000 - the story printed in the Worksop Guardian 13th June.

A benefit cheat is sentenced to 20 weeks in gaol after been convicted of benefit fraud, will this sentence deter other benefit claimants? I think not! The benefit cheat will be out probably in 10 weeks with a tag on his leg, after spending the 10 weeks in luxury at the taxpayers expense .

There’s no mention in the article wether or not the cheat would have to pay the £18,000 back! If not how many more claimants will be tempted to cheat the benefit system when they can get nearly£2,000 a week tax free for serving a 10 week prison sentence.

There are thousands of hard working people in this country today, who work full time for a year who do not receive that amount of money.

It’s about time the sentence fitted the crime this sentence is a FARCE!

Ivor Jones