Reader’s Letter: Remember the lies!

Harworth Colliery, Scrooby Road, Harworth  (w110620-5j)
Harworth Colliery, Scrooby Road, Harworth (w110620-5j)

In 1964, there were approx 545 NCB deep-mine collieries in the UK.

Since that time we have been governed by Conservative 23 years (270 closed), Labour 23 years (270 closed) and governed by a coalition government four years remaining five closed.

It is ironic that on the 30th anniversary of this nation’s longest, most divisive industrial dispute this news should be announced.

The ordinary people can now judge who were the liars from 1979 to 1984/85.

This UK is one of the 10 wealthiest nations in the world with a GDP of £ 9.1 trillion. Shortage of affordable homes, cannot afford heating bills, 1 million+ people rely on food banks, 2.5 million are unemployed, 1 million are on zero hour contracts, 1.5 million are on part-time contracts, 1 million youth unemployment and eight out of 10 new jobs are below a living wage.

We have £200 billion of unpaid corporation taxes over a decade

We have £ 93 million/annum expenses for 650 MP’s. Heavy industry/engineering/manufacturing in the north is decimated.

Yet political parties maintain austerity measures as the only path forward as we move towards several elections in the coming 12 months.

Privatisation of our key public services in the coming years to the detriment of ordinary 90% of people. Remember the promises re: privatisation of nationalised utilities, services in the 80s.

The elite 10% owning/controlling 70% of the nation’s wealth.

The national media reporting none of the unrest or demonstrations throughout the UK/Europe against austerity.

Governments, EU, Global Corporations creating secret courts and transatlantic agreements to take a larger share of businesses that ordinary taxpayers paid for in toxic debts etc.

In the coming months we will be fed more upbeat messages about ‘It’s never been so good and everything is improving.’

Remember the lies, deceit of 30 years ago by the politicians of the day? I always will! And it goes on and on!

Tom Gourlay

(via email)