Reader’s Letter: Play area well overdue

Site of planned play ground at Manton Villas
Site of planned play ground at Manton Villas

I really feel for all the children living in Kilton’s East Ward, who are missing out on a play area, especially after what’s been achieved by all to get a play area built in Manton Villas.

Having somewhere that mums and dad and grans and grandads can take a short walk with their loved ones in the fresh air, away from the telly and square boxes.

The reason I am writing this letter of praise and now disgust, is the time it’s taken to get the proposed play area to be built, as far as I am informed - on the playing field adjacent to St Augustine’s School on Longfellow Drive in Kilton. This project is long past its sell by date.

I’ve been questioning the ward councillors for quite some time and am still waiting, another summer gone! In my book, it’s a crime that children have to travel to the Canch to find a decent play zone as there isn’t one where they live.

Take a look at Princess Margaret’s supposed play field, it’s a joke. This is the only park available for the whole of Kilton and yes, I know that it had its problems way back and I know that Longfellow Drive has got the restricted oasis who do a good job without doubt, so councillors of Worksop East, take a leaf out of Worksop South East Councillor’s book and get the job done!

Geoff Coe

Bracebridge, Worksop