Reader’s Letter: Objections being ignored

General view of Blyth Road, Worksop
General view of Blyth Road, Worksop

As an objector to the Blyth Road Speed reduction Plan, I expected that the Transport Committee of Notts County Council would consider my points and come up with explanations and send me a letter.

However I have heard nothing and the plan has gone ahead and I had no idea how many objectors there were or in fact that the committee had even seen my objections.

I eventually contacted URS the company dealing with the plan and they said a letter was sent to me and so they emailed me a copy.

The letter was from the transport director saying that the plan will go ahead.

It is customary to communicate with any objectors and even publish their points and answers from the committee.

In this case it seems that officials are told what is required and they have took over any democratic procedures.

In the case of the A60 speed reduction, letters have gone missing.

The A60 petition which has over 450 signatories has also been ignored.

Alan Rhodes has admitted to me last year that he has not read the Public Engagement Policy of the councils and I suspect many others working for the council have not.

I have repeatedly told the legal department to put in their public notices any reference to previous public notices concerning plans , in good practice but they are not interested.

What is the point of objecting to any plan if you are to be ignored.

The council are treating the public with contempt.

All this procedure looks very suspicious and I think an internal investigation is necessary before it gets out of hand.

Fred Pickersgill