Reader’s Letter: Not good enough!

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Having gone into Worksop Library I noticed that the old Tourist Information Centre had been replaced by a pile of children’s toys.

Upon enquiring, the library staff said that the Tourist Information Centre had been moved to Retford leaving Worksop with just some tatty leaflets tucked away in some obscure corner.

Though I remember a BDC Cllr being quoted by one the old Worksop staff as once saying “Retford is for tourism and Worksop is for business”.

Presumably this can be interpreted in many ways but to me it reflects an underlying social attitude. Retford is regarded as being for the ‘well-to-do refined middle class’ with Worksop being the ‘rough end’ that’ll put up with any old rubbish.

This is well and truly shown by Notts County Council through their Veolia PFI contract (our money) wanting to build a Waste Transfer Station at Claylands Avenue to bulk up all the muck from our green bin waste and then shipping it onto Sheffield for incineration.

Rhodesia and Shireoaks Parish Councils are both vehemently against this being built and hopefully they will be supported by our Bassetlaw Cllrs at next week’s Full Planning Committee.

Unfortunately as the saying goes ‘it never rains but it pours’ as there is still much more rubbish coming Worksop’s way, as on the horizon is a mega waste incinerator being planned down at the old Shireoaks Road Recycling Centre with most of the 51,000 people in Worksop living downwind.

Remember all that smoke from the recent fires that affected the whole of Worksop and beyond?

This new mega incinerator won’t incinerate our green bin waste as that’s going to Sheffield. Oh no! This stuff will be coming from goodness knows where. Though Liverpool Docks have been mentioned.

At a meeting of the Worksop Against Incineration Campaign Group set up to fight this planned new mega waste incinerator it was mentioned that infant mortality was shown to be five time higher downwind than upwind at many incinerators including Sheffield and Nottingham.

On Saturday Worksop Against Incineration will be holding a petition signing at Worksop Town Market from 10am onwards.

Please come along and sign to fight this mega waste incinerator from happening.

Worksop Against Incineration Supporter