Reader’s Letter: Look after our performers

Feature on The Acorn Theatre, Worksop (w111111-2b)
Feature on The Acorn Theatre, Worksop (w111111-2b)

Once again, through our local Guardian newspaper, I want with all my sincerity to give thanks for the hard work and professionalism for those involved in the ever popular show The Sound of Music.

We have in our midst, young and older dedicated people. These performers bring happiness and joy to all who they perform to. It’s so invigorating to us all away from the none stop gloom we experience on a daily basis. These people, and not just the players, but all of them, too numerous to mention deserve praise and I know it is given from all those who attend the shows run by the local operatic society. This must never stop, these people want more encouragement and the council should be backing them to the hilt. Don’t let us lose them, whoever party is in control.

Through the grapevine, I hear that the Acorn building requires updating in various ways. When the dust settles down, I will be approaching the council to start and look after what we have on our doorstep. This concern is a must! I also understand that the staff at the Acorn work voluntarily, not many do owt for nowt!

Geoff Coe

Bracebridge, Worksop