Reader’s Letter: Fracking

Here are the facts,

The letter of Ivor Jones attacked me in last week’s Worksop Guardian.

In my view, this is the behaviour of a misinformed man, who from time to time comes out from his Jurassic Park to deliver a mixture of unbelievable assertions and inaccuracies, hoping against hope, that your readers will regard them as his truth about climate change.

He called me a ‘prophet of doom’ at the start of his letter. At the end of his letter he compared me to a ‘flat Earther’. With some simple facts, I can show that his description of me, is actually a description of himself!

FACT. If I am a prophet of doom, then so are President Obama, Sir David Attenborough and Pope Francis who has recently asked all Catholics in the world to take a moral stand against those creating climate change. The French government, the Bulgarian government and New York State have all banned fracking. Then add in the 97% of international climatologists and scientists who researched five reports on climate change and global warming for the United Nations. All doom mongers?

FACT. There will be a world conference of country representatives in Paris in December. Their purpose will be to try to take measures to limit warming to no more than a two-degree increase, because they fear impending disaster for the planet if we continue to generate more carbon dioxide and shale gas. Drowning of seaside towns, cracked earth, increasing storms, flooding, movement of populations, pollution and loss of natural habitats-just a few of their doom laden concerns.

FACT. It is untrue to state that fracking has been going on in this country for over 50 years. Of course, there has been suction of oil by vertical drills from sumps. This is quite different from fracking. That relies on horizontal drills going out two km with explosive charges going off every few feet in order to crack shale and push it wide open hydraulically with millions of gallons of pure water, mixed with sand and poisonous chemicals. The only fracking site so far was near Blackpool, which resulted in a minor earthquake. On Monday last, the Lancashire

​County Council refused a planning application for the fracking company, Quadrilla.

We urge Notts County Council to bravely do likewise and refuse the “foot in the door” exploration at Misson Springs when the application arrives from I gas.

In the meantime, I would ask all responsible councillors, and planning officers to go to this excellent US government website and learn current information as to why we need to keep shale gas in the ground —

It even has a section designed for children.

David Larder