Reader’s Letter: Fed up with these Academies

Schools closed to students as teachers take strike action (w131001-1h)
Schools closed to students as teachers take strike action (w131001-1h)
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I am disgusted with the so-called Portland Academy because the other day after collecting my 12 year old grandson at 2.30pm, he told me he had been given a detention for being slightly late for his next class. All because he went to the toilet. He asked the teacher, if he had gone to the classroom first, would she have let him go? She told him - No!

What right have these schools got not letting pupils go to the toilet when needed? I went to Langold Secondary School and was allowed to the toilet and my two sons went to Portland and they were allowed to as well.

If you ask me, some of the detentions these children are given are absolutely stupid. If a child has misbehaved or not done their homework then I fully agree with the detention (or in my day write 100 lines at break), but not a detention for going to the toilet. What are the pupils to do when they need to go, sit cross-legged?

A Disgusted Grandparent