Reader’s Letter: Don’t think I will vote!

Ballot box
Ballot box

With the council and European elections only days away I cannot say who I will vote for, or whether I will be voting at all.

Last year I was 100% behind UKIP, so much so that I was considering standing for the local council.

We preach about democracy to the rest of the world, but that is being taken away from us by the European Union. So I thought that as UKIP wanted to take out of that horrible regime, they were the party for me.

Then came the bombshells, one after another. David Silvester says the introduction of gay marriages was the cause of the storms and flooding.

Mr Perry says David Cameron is a gay loving nutcase and homosexuality is an abomination before God.

Douglas Denny - gay sex is disgusting. Roger Helmer says it’s alright to hate gay people.

I think I will stay at home on the 22nd!

Mark Ypey

(via email)