Reader Letter: Lecturer gave pupils one-sided views

On the article on the talk given to the students at Tuxford School on the warnings of climate change by a retired university lecturer.The question I would like to ask is whether Tuxford School is serving the needs of its students when a teacher is allowed to organise a retired university lecturer to give what I believe was his totally one-sided views on the causes of climate change to the sixth form students? Was it classed as education or a brainwashing exercise? It was stated in the article that the lecturer presented the students with a slideshow presentation that swathes of land in parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire that will be under water in 50 years time if we keep generating our power by using fossilised fuels.Were any of the students allowed to question these computer generated maps and if not, why not? In the article the lecturer states that 2,000 climate scientists in their reports state that using fossilised fuels will cause climate change and global warming. Just one question I would like to ask: did the lecturer tell the students that not one of the so-called climate experts could prove that global warming exists? The lecturer goes on to say to the students that the Arctic ice is already melting(this is the same worn out point used by climate change prophets of doom) and that if we do not stop using fossilised fuel it will do so more quickly. I wonder, did any of the students question this? I hope they did as it is a known fact that the ice shelf in the Arctic is larger today than it has been for the last 25 years. Did the lecturer tell the students that the temperature of the planet in 2014 had not risen at all since 1997 and 2014 was far from being the hottest year on record only reached the sixth hottest in the last 18 years? I bet he did not, because the lecturer, in my view, would not have liked these figures because it wold have blown his argument out of the water. These figures above that I have just quoted can be accessed from the following: R.S.S. (REMOTE SENSING SYSTEMS) U.H.A.(UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA HUNTSVILLE). Just two more facts the lecturer should have told the students in my view. India and China are planning to build 800 coal-fired power stations over the coming years and closer to home, Germany has started to build the first of ten new coal-fired power stations, do they know something we don’t? I ask the headmaster of Tuxford School before he lets any of his teachers invite any lecturer into his school to lecture on any subject, to always get a balanced view on what is said by those that are invited into his school.

Ivor Jones

Shireoaks Road, Shireoaks