READER LETTER: Joining Sheffield - Big is not always good

16th April 2013'Pictured a Sheffield city skyline showing city centre'Picture by Gerard Binks

Concerning Bassetlaw combining with the Sheffield authority.

Although I do not often agree with Coun Alan Rhodes, I do think that we should study what it all means.

Bassetlaw area sits between the M1 and A1 and I see a bright future that will attract companies and work.

The road infrastructure in South Yorkshire is at best very poor. Some of the roads in Sheffield are in a terrible state and also in Dinnington , Laughton and Thurcroft.

The road structure in Nottinghamshire is in a much better state.

One person remarked to me that replacements of car shock absorbers and suspensions in Sheffield are 30 percent above the national average.

It seems to me that roads within outlying areas in South Yorkshire appear to be neglected.

The real question is, why should we want to join an area with such poor road infrastructure?

Companies and employees would be better suited moving to Bassetlaw.

Big is not always good and if this goes ahead who will be accountable and who do we complain to?

Fred Pickersgill

Church Street, Langold

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