READER LETTER: Investigation needed to make parking fair

Thank you for printing my letter re: Parking Eye problems at Priory Shopping Centre. I have asked Bassetlaw District Council for information about the car parking area, which I understand they own.

Anyone using the road from Bridge Street onwards has to drive through the area to get back onto the main road into the town. The road through the car park is a public road. However, the Parking Eye cameras register EVERYONE who passes through the area, whether to park or not. Also access to the private parking at the rear of Argos, The Bed Shop etc has to be reached through that same area.

Customers may well use the private parking facilities when collecting goods from these shops. As the time of entry to the site is registered and the time a vehicle leaves the site is also recorded there may be a difference of, say, half an hour. Congestion can also delay a road user for some time and a road user may well pass through the parking area to avoid these delays, but not park. During that period Parking Eye do not have any evidence to say where that vehicle has been and may well be alleging that it has been parked in an area where charges are payable, even though it has been on the public road or in a private parking area. So, drivers who do not know the area, and which is the car park as opposed to the public road, may well be paying fines when they need not do so. After all if you do not use the car park you do not have to pay the charge, but cannot prove where your car has been. The whole situation needs to be investigated, and the council have been asked to do so.

Peter Gumsley


(via email)