READER LETTER: Highways plan - ‘Improvements’ will gridlock the town

The Millhouse roundabout, Worksop, which is getting new signals installed.
The Millhouse roundabout, Worksop, which is getting new signals installed.

Having just viewed the so-called highway improvement document PHMS/11516/01/HG/101A relating to the A57/A60 roundabout, I ask the question, have our planners gone mad?

At a cost of £2.4 million and a time scale of around 32 weeks (enough time for Third World engineers to link Worksop with a motorway to the M1) it will leave Worksop town centre isolated and grid locked. At best it will only improve journey times for traffic travelling along the bypass.

Far from improving access and egress it will become more difficult to gain access to the town centre in my view.

We don’t even get a filter road from Newcastle Avenue onto the roundabout for left turning traffic or a filter road to come off the roundabout to Worksop for which there is plenty of room outside the Mill House pub on both sides of the road. No improvements for traffic entering or leaving the Water Meadows or Stubbing Lane estates.

In my opion pedal and motorcyclists will also be at greater risk by having to cross more lanes of traffic at the roundabout.

As for unlocking land for housing and development this is not catered for with the new layout.

Concerns have been raised previously about very tight corners at many of Worksop’s road junctions.

Have readers noticed how many road schemes in Worksop miss making obvious improvements at road junctions? One easy fix I can think of is getting BT to move/resite the many manholes on the pavements across Worksop which if removed would allow for better and wider road junctions and unrestricted turning for traffic.

Alec Thorpe

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