READER LETTER: Extension is old news Mr Mann

Over the next few months all Parliamentary candidates will be campaigning to win your readers’ votes on May 7th. In the Worksop Guardian’s coverage of Ed Miliband’s visit to B&Q, John Mann MP was quoted in your paper making proclamations on a number of local issues. On the NHS, Mr Mann said he has given his backing for a major re-build of Bassetlaw Hospital: “There is a plan with Bassetlaw Hospital for major re-build, extension to it,” he said. “Obviously, after the election we need the Government guarantees so everything can go ahead.” This is both old news and a poor attempt to harness the hard work and achievements of local NHS managers for Mr Mann’s own political posturing, in my view. The redevelopment will be funded by the NHS and was announced in September 2014 – it is not a coalition election promise and Mr Mann’s turn of phrase is disingenuous when he suggests that after the election the investment may not materialise. Despite Labour’s desire to “weaponise” the NHS, I hope that Mr Mann will join me and other Bassetlaw candidates between now and May 7th in having a reasoned and sensible debate about the future of this great national institution. The NHS belongs to every person in this country; it must not be used as an electoral weapon for the Labour Party.

Sarah Downes

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Bassetlaw