READER LETTER: Come on, take your rubbish home

I would just like to make a few observations if I may? Is Bassetlaw District Council offering a new refuse collection service? Apparently you can dump your rubbish anywhere and it is cleared away! I regularly travel on Crossley Hills in Carlton and the rubbish thrown from cars or just dumped is awful. Come on people of Bassetlaw take your rubbish home with you or go to the tip. It’s what you pay your council tax for! How do Notts County Council work out road miles per hour limits? From Langold to Carlton it is 30 mph and then 50 into Worksop, yet at Retford near the hospital its 40 mph! Then there’s the new 30 mph on approaching Worksop from Blyth! Don’t get me started on increased parking costs! Are we being discouraged from going to Worksop?

Mystified local resident

By email