Reader Letter: Close Royal British Legion!

The Royal British Legion in Worksop should be closed! It certainly did nothing to help my mother with four young children, all born within (four an half years).

Mother went to the Worksop branch to ask for some help, but was told to get a job (It’s not fit for purpose!) Four other widows did not get any help either.

Mother was going blind and a lady came from Nottingham RBL, who said “Sorry Mrs Foulds, but you do not qualify.”

When we cried in the middle of the night “Mummy I am cold and hungry”, she would tell us to put a coat on the bed and pray to Jesus.

My wife’s father was a RSM Royal Artillery and his children got clothing twice yearly from the (RBS Southern Command).

At the 2005 Anniversary, the chairman excluded the war widows from the buffet all paid for by the council. I then contacted John Mann’s office, who wrote to the RBL in London, June 7th 2005, Ref: JRW 0//050718 still waiting John! There will be another anniversary next year, every 10 years! You should pray that you or one of your family never suffer the same trauma that our mothers went through.

Got a book last week by Maureen Shaw and Helen D. Millgate (War’s Forgotten Women), it’s the first I have seen a book relating to this subject. It will open your eyes to how the War Widows were treated!

Roy Foulds

War Widow’s Son