Offenders have nowhere to go!

I am typing this letter in despair. I work in the public sector and it scares me to see what’s happening to many parts of it.

For those who are not aware, in our town of Worksop our courts and police station do not have custody suites anymore, that means we no longer lock people up here in town. When a member of the public is caught committing an offence they should pay for whatever that offence is. But what’s really happening in Worksop is that on the spot fines and cautions are being handed out!

Let’s say some of you good readers are affected by crime, would you like it when the offender is caught and given a slap on the wrist or an ‘on the spot fine’ because of the lack of a custody suite.

In the probation service the amount of places given to offenders has also been reduced from over 1,400 to 1,000 and so they are even getting away doing unpaid work too. The local police have to take offenders either to Newark or Mansfield police stations because they do not have custody suites. This can take a whole shift where two police officers from Worksop should be in our town, not stuck there all day.

This one will make you laugh or cry, when the court in Worksop takes someone to prison the offender is asked to ‘wait outside’ for the van. Yes, you heard me right, wait outside for the prison van! This one takes the biscuit - the companies in charge of transporting these offenders have been checked out for committing fraud in this country, yes fraud and are being allowed to bid to buy into the probation service. You just cannot make this up, can you!

They keep saying were all in this together, I think not! MPs have just been given a seven to 10k pay rise while the rest of us take cuts. The greedy people who have caused all our nation’s problems should pay for their sins, not the working man or woman.

P. Neil