Not another columnist!

I was curious to see another new columnist in this week’s Worksop Guardian. To go alongside our own Bassetlaw Labour MP weekly anti-government rant, we have been treated to another one-sided piece of Labour Party propaganda from Keith Barron, MP for Dinnington.

Do we really need more one-sided political rubbish which seems to consist of blaming the current Coalition for all the ills of the world while ignoring the failings of the Labour Government when it was in power before 2010.

Just to remind you the Banking Crisis that caused the recession started in 2008 and was partly due to the lax regulation put in place by Gordon Brown.

While it has been hard getting the country’s finances back in shape, the future is beginning to look much better with modest growth recently. I do not support all the policies of the Coalition, some of the cutbacks in welfare seem to more aimed at punishing the poor that reforming the system.

Labour have still to own up to causing the problems and admitted things do go wrong sometimes, there are times when it’s accidental, there are times when it’s somebody else’s fault. But at the times when you know you are at fault for the problem, the mature and responsible thing to do is stand up and own up to the mistake, accept the consequences, and be part of the solution to the problem resulting from your mistake. Yet still don’t have any credible plans to how they would have done any better in dealing with them.

MD K. Castle MIAB

Bassetlaw & Sherwood Lib Dems