No warning over parking

The local authority have in their infinite wisdom decided to raise revenue by targeting the disabled in Retford by changing the parking rules in Retford Market Square without warning anyone.

My wife took me into town in order to visit my bank and unfortunately parked at 13.49 in the market square where we have parked quite legally for years and saw no good reason to make any checks. However, a super efficient community officer decided that she did not like this so she decided to book us for a parking offence. Apparently had we been 10 minutes later it would have been in order. But it is a heinous crime at 10 minutes to two and they class a human being as cargo as they say that we were loading/unloading.

We appealed against it but were declined. In spite of displaying a disability badge. So I have reluctantly paid the fine but would like to inform all the relevant people that I sincerely hope they all end up with my disability. I suffer continually and hope that they will.

They wasted a fortune laying stupid cobbles on the market square which are a nightmare for disabled people in wheelchairs or scooters and now expect us to pay for it.

Joe Wilson

(via email)