LETTER: Warning from history over hard Brexit calls


If you want proof of what falling off a cliff edge would be like following a hard Brexit, there is an example of a likeminded incident available in this country .

When the mining industry was subjected to the cliff edge of Thatcherism, it has taken 30 years for the green shoots of recovery to appear.
Here in our area, we have every attraction industry would want: plentiful labour supply, easy access to main motorway system, all ancillary industry that supplied the old mining industry, special designated areas of low cost industrial estates on old pit sites, even a new junction onto the M1. 
It has taken all these years for the captains of industry to see and appreciate what was on offer. God knows what the consequences of a total economy falling of a cliff edge will look like. 
If those calling for a hard Brexit had suffered cliff edge politics they would soon change their mind.

Noel Beresford