LETTER: Look after paths for future generations

David Moore was absolutely right on the importance of keeping our public path network open and available for use (Guardian letter, July 23).

Unfortunately this is something that too many take for granted. Each week we read about various groups going for organised walks and charity walks but precious few report obstructions, stiles in disrepair, and missing signposts to the county council. They take it for granted.

However, with council budgets being reduced paths are now more paths are threatened than ever due to lack of maintenance. Publicly owned land including woodland and other open spaces containing many informal paths may also be sold off. Who is going to protect them?

What is needed is for the county council to read their own words and act on them. According to the Rights of Way Statement of Action ‘Derbyshire has a diverse network of footpaths, bridleways, and byways combined with many other paths, trails, greenways, and areas of open access land’ and they call this ‘a unique resource which is the county’s best tourism and recreation asset’.

Everyone who uses paths needs to ensure the county council looks after this asset properly on our behalf.

Basil Merry

Derbyshire Ramblers

Footpath Co-ordinator