LETTER: How about just leaving station gates shut?

Tesco site, Carlton Road, Worksop
Tesco site, Carlton Road, Worksop

Much has been said about the development of the Tesco site off Carlton Road.

Concerns have been raised about the effect on traffic, especially when the station gates go down and cars back up to the crossroads.

So, how about leaving the gates down permanently, since that is the situation now, more or less with the collapsed sewer.

Traffic still finds its way into town via other routes, mainly Turner Road and Gateford Road, and all that needs to be done there is to re-time the lights at the Square to cope with the extra volume.

Pedestrians can be accommodated by a footbridge over the railway – there used to be one – with a sloping approach rather than steps for pushchairs and mobility scooters.

Remember, John Mann’s solution was an underpass under the railway which would have left businesses and homes high and dry.

Just a thought.

Derek Taylor