It isn’t cruel

I would like to reply to the two letters in last week’s Guardian who responded to my own about my wife having water withheld to help speed up her death.

No two cases are the same with tumours, also a type which makes late finding. Four tumours and many more developing. One low down in the pelvis believed to be the main one and some uncertainty as to where it started, one in the lungs and two in the digestive area. Not being able to pass waste and to relieve suffering food had to be cut back. Keeping a person alive longer and extending the suffering is cruel.

This is why every day they have to make very hard decisions. They do their very best to help and restrictions and limitations add to the problem, many caused by financial restrictions beyond their control. Doctors and consultants do their best and are not miracle workers.

This why they are heroes facing up to their tasks and not walking away from them.

A man working in the health service said he was close to tears when he was home, in the end he left his job. Went into the testing of drugs.

If we give time to think through the issues they face daily. It is hard on them what they have to do. It is a debatable profession.

Brian Banton

Alderson Road, Worksop