Is this really a fair deal?

Let’s just reflect when Councillor Cutts talks about a fair deal. Go back to their term in office when they sold off the nursing homes in Notts against a lot of protest. Did they listen - no! Would they like to explain were the money went?

They talk of freezing the council tax but as a layman and with the reduction in government funding which has increased, which is the whole argument, how do they expect to keep services at its present level?

A business which loses the amount that the council is losing would suffer to survive.

The government says they are freezing council taxes again but what they give in assistance does nothing to the amount councils initially lose from central government. We cannot expect a Conservative group at county hall to go against a decision at Westminster. I do not think anybody else does, an when they keep saying it is the last government’s fault, this is a smokescreen to hide the devastation that is happening to council services up and down the country. Public services - the Conservative’s number one enemy - there ethos is private or not at all and nobody will change what I think or see what is happening.

Derek Bowskill