Hypocritical councillors

Conservative County Councillors Philip Owen and Kay Cutts would be funny if they weren’t so hypercritical!

Councillor Owen, appointed in 2009 by Kay Cutts to oversee education in Notts, babbles about parental choice for parents regarding children’s schools.

This is of course we remember, the same Philip Owen who plotted behind closed doors to close the popular and improving Serlby Park School, knock it down and sell the site! Harworth’s children would then be bussed to Retford - all 650 of them - to take up school places rejected by Retford parents! This would have, of course meant a huge and permanent siphoning off of public funds to private bus companies. It would have involved several hours a week extra travelling for pupils, which over a five year period would mean a month of travelling!

So secretive, manipulative and conspiratorial were they that they didn’t even tell Conservative Councillor Girling, who was the candidate for Bassetlaw in the election the following year!

Local parents, as I wrote at the time, would be faced with a behind closed doors stitch up, revealed at the last moment when it would be too late to object.

However, local folk did find out, and reacted with fury. Meetings were held, petitions signed and three coach loads of people descended on county hall. The culprits then hastily abandon the plot!

If the government actually collected the vast sums of tax that are dodged ever year, if need be employ thousands more Inland Revenue staff instead of sacking them, most of the problems would be solved.

It may be beyond Mrs Cutts’ grasp but trying to sell off high performing publicly owned care homes into the lower performing private sector isn’t efficiency, It endangers vulnerable people - collect the tax!