For or against

I am writing in response to Christine Sadler’s letter in last week’s Guardian.

Mrs Sadler refers to the meeting of the parish council 15th July, yet it is not that long since there was a meeting for all Anston residents (29th April).

Mrs Sadler was there and when the question of the green belt was raised, a discussion took place, which included some of the voices that do not always get heard. Those voices represented a range of other groups, particularly those who would like to live in affordable housing in Anston. A vote was taken and agreement reached that building on greenbelt should not happen until other possibilities had been considered in full, such as building on brown belt, and how we might bring empty homes into use. I would point out, in case there is a misunderstanding, that most empty homes are privately owned.

Mrs Sadler’s voice is one voice and the fact that the Anston residents meeting took a different view is significant.

I would also like to comment on Tim Well’s letter of the same date.

He clearly missed the relevant parish council meeting where the proposed allocation of a gypsy and traveller site close to Kiveton Park Station was discussed at length. Robin Stonebridge of The Chesterfield Canal Trust has already put in a strong response to this proposal . Robin has already detailed out the vision of a Heritage Centre for that site, and Cllr Judy Dalton and myself would certainly like to support that vision along with extra parking for the station which is very well used by local residents.

Jo Burton

Cllr AnstonWoodsetts RMBC