Facts about lorries

Wonder where Mike Hall (letters) gets his miss-informed information re: lorry pollution from?

Does his prejudice blind him to the fact that lorries have a very stringent pollution/emission check as do cars in their yearly MOT test as well as a speedometer calibration check with a very fine margin of error which cars do not have?

The proposed reduction 70 to 60mph for the M1 will not affect lorries as their speed is restricted to 90 kph, that’s 56 mph by an in-built speed limiter. This fact seems to have been overlooked also by the comments made by Chris Hobson’s article (Guardian).

Many local commuters will welcome the end of the present 50mph limit now in force between J29 and J31 even if it’s only to 60mph when the roadworks come to an end.

Tom Clolohan

(via email)