DG’s attitude is thoughtless!

I am deeply concerned by the attitude of the letter from DG in the Worksop Guardian on 5th July (Should Water be Withheld?).

This shows good caring is being knocked and cruelty to a patient is being advocated by DG Suggesting that those involved in caring in for terminally ill patient will be made criminals. How dare he take this thoughtless idea!

My late wife was just laying there, not sitting up nor talking. Four tumours slowly shutting down bodily functions. Doctors and nurses are having to face this problem weekly. Making a patient comfortable, relieving pain and stress. My wife looked fully pregnant within a week and about to deliver. Yes she joked with a friend.

Why does DG want to make patients undergo discomfort, pain and stress; this I cannot understand. Creating more problems for patients and family alike.

I do not know who DG is, but he should think the problem out. Face the hard facts of life.They, the doctors and nurses have to put up with a lot. They are very brave to take this on and in time take toll on their own health.

I have no complaints to make at all, bless them for the help I and my family received.

Brian Banton

Alderson Road, Worksop