Cold wait for passengers

No news should be good news (and we’ve all waited nearly six months). But not when it concerns the new bus station now reported in this week’s Guardian to be due for completion a year late subject to planning permission.

Such is the pace of progress in the quagmire of local government planning; but the reality is freezing passengers for another two winters on Hardy Street. The planning application was due to be submitted in June this year but now looks like being late October if the paper shufflers in their nice air-conditioned offices get a move on.

We can now see the wisdom of certain members of the community who carry out a complete ‘development’ over a bank holiday weekend and then, when pushed submit a planning application.

So what’s peculiar about Worksop? Mansfield got theirs in quick time, they just closed a carpark and built a bus station on it. There must be someone out there who can enlighten Guardian readers how long it took Retford to have their bus station up and running?

Tom Colohan

(via email)