Bus driver was very childish

I am a 66 year old lady who uses public transport on a regular basis as I don’t drive.

On Wednesday 2nd October at 9.23 the number 43 bus was very late which made me late for my appointment.

As the bus passed me, I pointed to my watch saying “You are late!” When the bus went round to Hemmingfield and came back along Gloucester Road, the driver wasn’t going to stop until he saw another passenger there, he then decided to stop.

When I got on he refused to allow me onto the bus and made out I had ‘flagged’ him. I placed my bus fare of £1.70 to take me into town but then he told me If I didn’t get off he would stop the engine, which he did. He still refused to switch the engine on and sat there with his arms folded like he had just spat his dummy out!

In the end, myself and the other passenger got off and waited for the number 22 bus which was also late.

I did report this to the Stage Coach manager (John), but got no response.

Being an OAP, I expect to have a very good service and not be intimidated by a spoilt child as he is supposed to provide the public a good service!

Unhappy bus user