Young PCSOs on the lookout

Youngsters in Carlton were out catching speeding drivers on Thursday.

They were all taking part in a 12-week junior PCSO scheme organised by local PCSO Scott Padley.

Instead of a fine and three points on their licence, drivers caught going over the speed limit could instead opt to be questioned on their speeding by the youngsters.

“This road was changed to 30mph about 18 months ago, and we try to enforce it as much as we can as it was for safety reasons that it was changed,” said PC Dave Taylor.

“It’s such a big road and it was 40mph for so long people don’t always comply with the new limit.”

“Here today the speeders are being given the choice between having three points and a fixed penalty or answering the kids questions on their speeding.”

PCSO Padley set up the junior PCSO scheme after learning of a similar initiative in South Yorkshire.

“This is week eight of the 12 week scheme and it seems to be going really well,” said PCSO Padley.

“It’s been great to show the youngsters what we do as PCSOs and what other agencies like the fire service do.”

“We are educating them about their actions. They know if they go out and cause problems it’s not just them that is affected.”

Jackie Fagan from the Carlton Youth Club said the youngsters have been really enjoying the course.

“Scott has been brilliant with the kids. He is very supportive of the club and used to come down every week even before he set this scheme up.”

“The young people have a lot of respect for him because he is fair with them.”

PCSO Padley hopes the scheme will help educate local youngsters and steer them away from anti-social behaviour.