You’re in charge of developments

BASSETLAW Council wants to know how much growth residents would like to see in their village.

The local authority is sending out questionnaires, from next week, to rural settlements to get the views of residents on whether new development would be welcome and what sort might be appropriate.

They will be sent to Clarborough, Hayton, Dunham, East Markham, Everton, Gamston, Mattersey, Misson, North Leverton, Rampton and Sutton.

The results will help form part of the Site Allocations document.

The council has already identified that 500 homes will be built around the county. The villages have all been identified in the council’s Core Strategy as area for potential growth.

Now the council is to decide, with consultation with the public, where these homes will go.

“We don’t want to force growth on any of the villages,” said council planner Jo Davis.

“The questionnaire is to find out what people want to see in their village.”

“It’s not just about housing, It’s to get a better idea of people’s aspirations when it comes to other things such as affordable housing and play provision.”

“We’ll be working closely with parish councils.”

For more information contact the council planning department on 01909 535157.