X-Church exhibition uses text and sound

Text and sound will be used to explore the idea of endings in a new project at Slumgothic’s deconsecrated x-church in Gainsborough.

University of Lincoln professor Steve Dutton has collaborated with artist Neil Webb and been supported by fine art student Kate Buckley.

End of Ends will confront visitors with a potentially never-ending list of endings which Steve hopes are ‘oddly full of potential’.

Steve said the project started as a written list of things that end and how they end.

“It started apocalyptically - mountains crumbled, planes crashed, territories flooded,” he said.

“As the list continued however I started to feel oddly hopeful - realising that as long as you are writing a list of ends you are not ending.”

The exhibition opens on Saturday 19th May at x-church, Ashcroft Road, Gainsborough.