Worksop: Your Black Friday guide and what town’s shopkeepers think of the retail phenomenon

Bridge Street, Worksop.
Bridge Street, Worksop.

First there was the Boxing Day and January sales, then Cyber Monday and now Black Friday.

Over the last few years you may have been sat watching television in the comfort of your own home when suddenly a news flash has appeared alerting you of a mass scramble taking place outside Argos as hundreds of people scrap over a microwave which has been reduced by £30.

Well, that is, in a nutshell, Black Friday.

Retailers reduce the price of items - sometimes as much as 50 per cent - to start off the Christmas selling season.

But what do Worksop’s shop keepers and business leaders think of the day and how it affects our town?

Philip Jackson, chairman of the Worksop Business Forum, told the Guardian: “Black Friday significantly raises the cash flow for the shops that can do it, however the public have to save before Black Friday and tend to spend less during that small period which affects small businesses and the independent shops on the high street.

“It is difficult for the smaller businesses to compete with Black Friday, which as in some cases, has become more than just one day. However, it seems to be very popular with the buying public.”

David Swain, shop manager at Cockney Rebel, on Bridge Place, Worksop, said: “We will be offering discounts of up to 20 per cent until Sunday.

“We want to look after the people of Worksop so hopefully they will give us a chance first.

“It is difficult to compete with the big guns, but you have to do something.

“It is good for the customers that they can get a little bit more for their money.”

When is it?

Officially, it is today (Friday, November 27), although many shops reduced their prices at the start of the week.

It is your chance to purchase that beloved toaster which has been slashed by a whopping £4 or that perfect deep fat fryer you always wanted.

In all seriousness, this could be a good chance to start, or even finish, your Christmas shopping.

That one gift that has been out of your budget could be finally within your grasp at last.

What’s all the fuss about?

This year, shoppers are expected to spend more than £1billion online inside 24 hours, with total sales online and in stores over the whole of the weekend expected to reach £3billion.

Last year, a measly £810million was spent online alone.

So what’s the big deal about Black Friday? Let’s face it, we all love a bargain. It seems, however, that some of us will do whatever it takes to get our hands on one.

By that, I mean some of us will queue up over night in the freezing cold and show an aggressive side to us that is beyond belief.

It’s not all negative, though, there are some genuine bargains to be had and people are more often than not in the festive spirit.

Where to shop on Black Friday?

The likes of Amazon, Argos, Boots, Carphone Warehouse, Currys, Debenhams, Game, Halfords, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons and New Look have already slashed their prices ahead of today.

Some retailers, however, have opted out, with Aldi and Lidl both not taking part. Asda have also said they will be cutting prices back over several weeks in the lead up to Christmas, after fights broke out in some of its stores last year.