Worksop: Youngsters collect Duke of Edinburgh awards

Youngsters at The NORSACA Work and Learn Centre with their awards
Youngsters at The NORSACA Work and Learn Centre with their awards

A handful of hardworking youngsters including several on the autistic spectrum have been presented with Duke of Edinburgh awards.

Eleven young people were presented with the awards last week at The NORSACA Work and Learn Centre in Worksop.

This year has been the most successful to date on the course run by Marek Barc, a member of staff at the centre.

Nikki Gallagher from Langold, with Jordan Waite and Jack McCann from Worksop, were among the youngsters who successfully achieved the bronze award. Joseph Walker, Adam Evers and Sophie Darlow, all from Worksop, were among those who received their silver awards.

“The Duke of Edinburgh award scheme has provided these young people with a rare and enriching opportunity to work together in challenging activities that are inaccessible to some establishments,” said manager, Andy Cocker.

“The Work and Learn Centre students have found the Duke of Edinburgh scheme rewarding and engaging, and there seems to be no stopping them. Our recruits plan to go on and achieve gold, meeting the Duke, and we will give them all the support they need to achieve this.”

NORSACA runs its own specialist school, residential and day centres plus an extensive range of services for children, adults and families affected by autism.

The centre in Worksop relies on donations to keep to Duke of Edinburgh course running. During the presentation which was made by NORSACA patron Karen Wilkinson, the local Freemasons lodge and the Original Factory Shop in Langold donated almost £1,000 to it.