Worksop: Wayne heading for Paris in a first for British baking

Wayne Caddy has been chosen to represent Britain at the Europain in Paris
Wayne Caddy has been chosen to represent Britain at the Europain in Paris

A baker from the School of Artisan Food in Worksop has become the first ever Briton to be selected for the prestigious Europain baking competition in Paris next year.

Wayne Caddy, 45, who has been head of bread baking at the School of Artisan Food for the past two years, has been chosen to compete in the bread section of the World Masters.

“It is only open to the people adjudged the top eight in the world in their field and I’m the first ever British baker to be chosen for any of the masters categories so that’s pretty cool and I’m very honoured,” said Wayne who hails from Rotherham and has been baking for 25 years.

“I initially competed for Britain at the Bakery World Cup in Paris two years ago where I was part of a three-man team.”

“I was the bread maker, and there was also a viennoiserie, which is items like croissants, and an artistic baker.”

“Japan won and the USA were second and we finished just outside the top 12.”

“However, out of all the bakers taking part, the top eight, regardless of where their team finished overall, are then invited to compete for the masters title at the Europain and I was named as one of the top eight in my field, the first time a British baker has ever been chosen.”

Wayne will now head to Paris on 8th March next year for what will be a tough challenge.

The eight finalists in the bread section are those who, like Wayne, have competed in international competitions like the Louis Lesaffre Cup and Bakery World Cup, and have been assessed as part of their team and also as individuals.

The selection of the candidates is based on the highest scores achieved during competitions.

In Paris, Wayne will have to make a nutritional bread, matching the nutritional needs of Great Britain, and a bread of the world which will be chosen on the day of the competition, so there will be no chance to prepare beforehand.

“I will be up against the world champion, Yuki Nagata, who is from Japan, and some of the other top performers from the Bakery World Cup,” Wayne continued.

“We have to bake live on the day for around eight hours and it will be in a new kitchen to us so none of that familiarity of surroundings that we all like and we will be under pressure, so I’ll have to bake on my wits.”

“But that’s what it’s meant to be all about and I’m just honoured that I will have the chance to be the first man ever from this county to take part in the event.”