Worksop: Tough times ahead as Bassetlaw Council faces funding cuts

Bassetlaw District Council, Queen's Buildings
Bassetlaw District Council, Queen's Buildings

Bassetlaw Council’s leader has ruled ‘nothing out’ as the authority tries to fill a £4.2million hole in its budget over the next four years.

The council has announced plans including raising Council Tax by 1.5 per cent and offering voluntary redundancy to balance next year’s budget and fill a £920,000 shortfall caused by a cut in Government funding.

But the following year the council has to find another £1.4million. In 2016/17, the gap becomes even bigger.

Coun Simon Greaves said the council was looking at a range of saving measures, but he ‘could not rule anything in or out,’ including compulsory redundancies.

“The council has had to save £7.8million since 2007 and there has been significant savings made. It is really, really coming towards the tipping point,” he said.

“All the easy savings, relatively speaking, have been made. We are now looking at uncharted territory.”

He added that it was now at the stage where the authority had to raise Council Tax in order to maintain services.

Coun Greaves said: “For the last four years it has been possible to freeze Council Tax but we are at a tipping point for local services and it’s not possible to continue to deliver the same services without a measured increase in Council Tax.”

Plans in place by council bosses already include moving Retford Police Station into the authority’s One Stop Shop and moving the Department of Worksop and Pensions into the Queens Building in Worksop.