Worksop: Tigers fans love to support the cause

Valentines hearts at the British Heart Foundation shop in Worksop
Valentines hearts at the British Heart Foundation shop in Worksop

Kind hearted Worksop Town fans have shown their love for charity by supporting a good cause for Valentine’s Day.

Tigers supporters have donated £60 towards the British Heart Foundation as part of a promotion being run by one of the charity’s shops on Bridge Street in Worksop.

For a small donation, people can buy a heart in the window of the shop sending a message to a loved one or someone special in their lives.

Some hearts are £2 or £3 but others go up to £20 each and Worksop Town have bought three of those.

“I decided to ask fans going to the away game at Barwell last week to give some money towards the cause,” said Tigers fan Stan Emmerson, who is a volunteer at the shop.

“My intention was that we would buy one heart between us but before we even set off for Barwell, I had £27.”

“So I then decided to buy a second heart and asked the club’s directors for a donation and those fans who had travelled to the game by car and not come on the supporters’ bus.”

“When I got home that night, I found that I had £60 in my bag, so I put it towards the cause and bought Worksop Town three hearts in the window.”

“The first one is for Worksop Town FC itself, the second is for the Worksop Town Supporters Society, which I am a member of, and the third is for Worksop Town Away Fans Foundation to thank them for their support as we always take such a good following to away games.”

Sue Watts, assistant manager at the shop on Bridge Street, said: “We thank Worksop Town fans very much for their generosity.”

“The window is filling nicely and I want to it to be totally full by 14th February, so full, in fact, that you won’t be able to see into our shop.”

“The hearts will all come down on 15th February so please come and make a donation and gets yours today.”