Worksop: Tests on legal highs seized in raid on town centre shop are ‘inconclusive’

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Tests on packets of psychoactive substances seized from a Worksop shop are ‘inconclusive’, Notts County Council have revealed.

Police and Notts County Council’s Trading Standards team swooped on Bing Bong, located on Gateford Road, on back in April, removing over 400 packs of ‘legal highs’ fron the shop.

The packets contained powder labelled with brands such as ‘Charly Sheen’ and ‘Go Gaine’.

The Council carried out several tests to identify the chemicals that the packs contain but announced the ‘inconclusive’ results this month.

Coun Alice Grice, vice-chair of Notts County Council’s Community Safety Committee, said: “The tested packets are incorrectly labelled as their labels don’t outline the unknown substances, which make up 30 to 60 percent of their contents.”

“A further test has been carried out to identify these unknown substances, which has come back as inconclusive. We are not planning to carry out further tests at this stage.”

“Above all, the tests prove that so called ‘legal highs’ contain a cocktail of unknown chemicals, which may not be fit for human consumption, so users are seriously risking their health.

“Our advice to the public is avoid these products at all costs.”

The owner of Bing Bong, who does not wish to be named, said: ““The products clearly state that they are not for human consumption, and we do not sell them for any other purposes than herbal incense and research chemicals.”

“What any individual chooses to do with these are not within my control- however, we do operate a strict under 18s policy.”

“The substances that were taken by Trading Standards are merely being tested as part of a routine procedure.”