Worksop: Tesco footpath hold-up may need Government inquiry

Tesco site on Carlton Road, Worksop  (w120808-3b)
Tesco site on Carlton Road, Worksop (w120808-3b)

The Secretary of State could be called in to adjudicate over a planning decision about Worksop’s proposed Tesco store.

In September 2011 the supermarket giant was given planning permission for a new superstore and car park on the corner of Carlton Road and Blyth Road.

It was originally intended that the new store would be built and open by the end of this year.

But wranglings over several footpaths which currently cross the derelict land are holding up the process.

A member of the public has successfully applied to Notts County Council to get the routes formalised and recorded on the county’s definitive rights of way map.

But as things stand, construction work on the store can not begin because the building would cut off two of these paths.

However, the company has applied to Bassetlaw Council for a footpath diversion order, to re-route the paths around the front of the store.

And Notts County Council’s rights of way committee has agreed to support Tesco’s diversion application.

“We are obviously very keen to be cracking on with work on the store,” said a spokesman this week.

“But there is a public consultation to go through first before a decision can be taken on our diversion order.”

“If it is approved, we can start work very shortly afterwards.”

“But if it is refused, the matter may go to the Secretary of State for an inquiry, which could be next summer.”

Bassetlaw Council confirmed that a revised footpath application had been submitted by Tesco.

The next step is for the order to be advertised and a consultation period carried out.

The order will be advertised locally from Friday 22nd November. Site notices will also be put up near the Tesco site and letters sent to appropriate parties.

The consultation period will operate for 28 days ending on Friday 20th December.

If the order is unopposed, the council can confirm it. But if there are objections which can not be resolved, the order will be referred to the Secretary of State for a decision.