Worksop: Tenant who made neighbour’s lives a “living nightmare” booted out of property

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A Worksop nuisance whose late-night drunken antics made the lives of her neighbours a “living nightmare” has been kicked out of her property for three months.

Irene Pywell, 62, has been given the boot from her house on Monmouth Road by magistrates after 47 complaints of antisocial behaviour against her and her visitors led to a property closure notice being imposed by them last week.

The house has been sealed up for three months following the removal of the tenant.

And it is a criminal offence for anyone to try and enter the property within that three month period, or they could face a prison sentence, say police.

Police Constable Julie Armstrong, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “The kind of behaviour demonstrated by the tenant and her visitors was mainly relating to drunkenness.

“They would spend all day at night drinking, playing loud music, swearing and shouting and even fighting inside and outside of the property at all hours of the day and night.”

PC Armstrong said that over over the course of nine months, Nottinghamshire Police received 47 complaints of incidents associated with the address before they applied for a closure notice from magistrates.

She added: “A1 housing have received a lot more than this, and have even gone as far as issuing injunctions against the tenant’s visitors to keep them away from the area.

“But the visitors continued to come, causing further issues and making the lives of neighbours a nightmare.

“The tenant even allowed two of her visitors with injunctions inside her property and they were later arrested by police.

“More than one resident who lived nearby stated that they could not continue to live near the property, and would have to move themselves if the behaviour did not stop.”

Magistrates at Mansfield Magistrates Court were satisfied that the use of the premises had resulted in “serious nuisance” to members of the public and ordered that the property be secured on Friday, February 25.