Worksop: Survey asks YOU what makes a good night out

Bassetlaw Nights poster on Bridge Street in Worksop G130828-6b
Bassetlaw Nights poster on Bridge Street in Worksop G130828-6b

What makes a good night out in Bassetlaw? How could it be better? An eye catching new poster campaign is seeking your views...

The Bassetlaw Nights survey aims to get a true picture of how people spend their leisure time across the district - especially in the evenings.

Bassetlaw Council says input from the public is essential to improving what is on offer in Worksop, as well as help from the police, licensees and business owners.

“The number of people who are out in Worksop on a weekend night is very poor for a town this size,” said Ros Theakstone, chair of the local Community Safety Partnership and head of corporate services at Bassetlaw Council.

“The decline has been over a number of years and this survey is the first step on our journey to try and remedy it.”

“We have to understand what stops people coming in and how it has come to this.”

Ms Theakstone said the survey results would be used to direct growth and resources, to create an evening environment that is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

“Worksop should not close with the market and re-open with the late-night bars. There should be places to eat, drink and socialise all through the evening,” she said.

“People are still going out despite having less money. We want to ensure businesses thrive and people can have a good time and spend their money here in Worksop.”

She said the council would need to be ‘brave’ to bring about change - challenging touble makers, changing habits and adapting to make Worksop more appealing.

Deputy council leader Coun Griff Wynne encouraged people to take the survey, saying: “What do they want to see, what puts people off, what will make a positive difference?”

Go to or pick one up at The Queen’s Buildings in Potter Street or the Worksop Guardian office on Ryton Street.