Worksop: Son smashes own mum’s window after she refuses to give him bank card, court hears

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A Worksop man has admitted throwing a brick through a window at his mother’s home after she refused to give him his bank card, a court heard.

Duane Dyer, 33, of Nene Walk, is also said to have threatened to ‘burn the house down’ - which he denied - although he accepted he did threaten to damage or destroy the property.

Dyer also pleaded guilty to stealing a bottle of wine from a One Stop store.

The court heard that Dyer had caused his mum and step-dad June and Keith Bullivant ‘numerous problems’ in the past five years.

Prosecuting, Mark Kennedy, said that things finally ‘came to a head’ on 22nd April 2014.

“He kept asking her and her husband for his card but they told him he could not have it as he would buy drink. They had an argument for 15 minutes,” Mr Kennedy said.

Dyer apparently then said that he would ‘burn the house down’ if his bank card was not handed over.

Dyer’s step-dad, Keith Bullivant, called the police and Dyer left before officers arrived.

In the mean time, Dyer made his way to the One Stop store, Retford Road, to get a bottle of wine. He is said to have picked up a bottle, worth £5.29, and walked straight out without paying. The wine was not recovered.

Dyer then returned back to the property and was shouting because he wanted a jumper as he said it was cold, but they refused.

“He picked up a brick and threw it through a window which caused it to smash,” Mr Kennedy said.

“A second brick was then thrown which just missed his mum.”

“She saw him run off and she called the police again.”

In mitigation, David Grant told the court that Dyer has alcohol problems and receives treatment at hospital twice a week.

“He said that he did not make the threat to burn the house down,” Mr Grant said.

“He went to the store and asked someone he knows there if he could have the wine for free because ‘things are going so wrong at home’.”

“He rang the police and handed himself in.”

“He knew that he had done wrong and he wanted it straightened out.”

“His relationship with his mother and step-dad is finished.”

Dyer pleaded guilty at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Friday 24th April to three charges of causing criminal damage, theft from a shop and threatening to damage or destroy property.

The case was adjourned until 15th May at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court and Dyer was given conditional bail. He must not contact his mother and step-dad and must reside at an address on Nene Walk with his uncle.