Worksop: Resident’s fury at plans to adapt quiet road into 1,000 vehicle service route

Gateford Toll Bar
Gateford Toll Bar

Worksop residents are in uproar over plans to develop Gateford Toll Bar into an access road that will be used by up to 1,000 vehicles.

The plan entails building 380 residential properties together with a large commercial development on Gateford Common, along with a residential vehicle access that will be serviced via Gateford Toll Bar and a new road off the estate onto Gateford Road.

Due to a potential parking allowance of 1,000 cars on the new development, residents have become concerned the quiet road will be subjected to congestion and have strongly objected to the plans.

Phil Hare, who lives on Gateford Toll Bar with his family, said: “This is surely the biggest development in Worksop for the past decade, and we just wish those most influenced by these plans had a say.”

“We are not opposed to the development of the new estate, but adapting Gateford Toll Bar into a service road will mean utter chaos for us.”

“Along with congestion issues, there is an increased flood risk and hedgerows and grass verges will be destroyed.”

Beverley Alderton-Sambrook, planning service manager at Bassetlaw Council, said: “As with all planning applications, the relevant case officer will review all comments received, including issues raised by residents.”

“We would like to reassure residents that as part of the application we have received an Ecological Assessment and will work with both the Notts Wildlife Trust, the County Ecologist and the Environment Agency.”

“At this time we have received no formal objections from either party.”