Worksop: Priory Shopping Centre statement on parking

The Priory Centre car park in Worksop.
The Priory Centre car park in Worksop.

Following the Guardian’s story on Tuesday with regards to the parking situation at the Priory Shopping Centre in Worksop, this statement has been released.

A representative from The Priory Shopping Centre said: “We completely understand the frustration felt by shoppers who have received a parking charge. However, I am assured of the accuracy and efficiency of the ParkingEye system.”

“We introduced the ParkingEye system in February based upon customer feedback about the previous system. ParkingEye has already reduced the amount of people exceeding parking restrictions by using the car park for extended periods of time.”

“Our parking policy has not changed, only the way in which it is monitored. Parking prices have not increased and the Priory remains the lowest priced car park in Worksop. The ParkingEye system is a way of ensuring that people do not abuse the car park by exceeding the time they paid for, which subsequently prevents other shoppers from using parking spaces.”

“A sufficient grace period is given to allow shoppers time to enter and exit the car park and to buy a ticket. Cameras have been installed to ensure that tickets are not issued incorrectly. We have installed additional cameras to allow for the complexity of the car park so that customers collecting goods from Argos, for example, will not receive a ticket.”

“I’m keen to stress that this is a measure we introduced to improve what the Priory offers its customers and has not been done to make money out of valued shoppers. The Priory Shopping Centre remains dedicated to making Worksop and its community a better place and the new parking measures are a way of doing this.

ParkingEye operates an audited appeals process, which we would encourage people to use if they feel that they have wrongly received a parking charge.”