WORKSOP PARENTS KILLING: Kamil Dantes ‘seen regularly’ by mental health nurse before knife attack


Worksop man Kamil Dantes had been having regular meetings with a mental health nurse prior to his attack on his parents, the court heard.

Dantes denied murdering both his parents on Easter Monday last year, but admitted manslaughter by diminished responsibility at Nottingham Crown Court today (27th May).

He said killing them was the biggest mistake of his life but that he didn’t have a choice as his nervous system was very damaged.

The court heard that Dantes suffered from a mental condition however the exact extent of this condition has yet to be determined. Dantes had been having regular appointments with a community mental health nurse prior to the incident.

Prosecutor, Michael Burrows QC, said: “He was being seen by a nurse and being treated and he had an appointment with her a week before the incident.”

“He showed no signs of his mental condition.”

“He kept it hidden from her and he lied about his use of drugs.”

Dantes has since admitted that he has smoked cannabis for the last 12 years for medical reasons and had smoked cannabis and taken amphetamines on the afternoon before the incident.

Mr Burrows added: “Drugs exacerbate his mental condition and he was aware of that fact.”

The case was adjourned for sentencing.

The date of Dantes’ next appearance is yet to be confirmed and he has been remanded at Rampton Hospital.

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