Worksop: Pair of young yobs get the ASBO treatment

Zion Smith and Reece Blower
Zion Smith and Reece Blower

Two tearaway teens whose boozy, brawling antics landed them in court have been slapped with ASBOs.

Reece Blower, 15, and Zion Smith, 16, were dragged before a district judge for breaching their existing anti-social behavious contracts.

Worksop Magistrates’ Court heard how both had acted in a way likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to others.

Blower, of Colbeck House, Worksop, is also on a night time electronic tag curfew.

District Judge Diane Baker heard how he was found in possession of alcohol on several occasions and was involved in a fight on Victoria Square outside Yates’s bar.

Smith, of Milton Drive, Worksop, engaged in vandalism, was found with alcohol and admitted to having cannabis and weighing scales in acommunal area at Crown Place Flats, in Sandy Lane.

The ASBOs, secured Bassetlaw Council and A1 Housing’s joint anti-social behaviour team, will last for two years.

Blower is banned from being with seven of his friends, including Zion Smith, within the Sandy Lane Estate.

He must not have an open container of alcohol within the Sandy Lane Estate.

He can not enter any house, flat or communal area on Sandhill Street or Crown Street, except with by a member of the Youth Offending Team or when at Sandy Lane Community Partnership Office.

And he must not got to Sandhill Lake, known locally as Godfrey’s Pond, except when attending scheduled educational or sporting activities.

Zion Smith is also banned from the Sandy Lane area of Worksop unless visiting his grandmother or father.

And he must not have an open container of alcohol within the Sandy Lane Estate.

Judge Baker warned Blower that if he did anything prohibited by the order, without reasonable excuse, he could be fined or sent to a detention centre for up to two years.

Bassetlaw Council Leader, Coun Simon Greaves, said: “Bassetlaw Council and partners want to make it crystal clear to these individuals and our community that this type of serious and persistent anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.”

“Our residents deserve better than having to put up with the selfish and thoughtless actions of an inconsiderate minority.”

“We will use all the resources at our disposal to protect our residents and strive to reduce anti-social behaviour and its impact even further, through enforcement action supported by community cooperation.”

Gerald Connor, Bassetlaw Council community safety co-ordinator, said the ASBOs were a result of ‘protracted enquiries’ by several agencies over six months.

“The work stemmed from reports of a group of youths who showed a total disregard for the community in which they live and failed to take responsibility for their behaviour and its impact on others,” he said.

“The court supported our application and measures are now in place to curb any future anti-social behaviour by these young people.”

“The granting of the ASBOs is the first step - further cooperation in relation to any breaches of the orders is paramount to ensure they are effective.”