Worksop: Nuisance caller had razor blade stuck in her ear

In Court
In Court

A nuisance caller persistently pestered the emergency services claiming she needed help, but was found to be fine.

Worksop magistrates heard how, on three occasions, Worksop woman Emma Louise Wardropper was found to have a razor blade on her in a public place.

They were seized from her at Bassetlaw Hospital, Worksop Police Station and on Retford Road.

The full and partial blades were concealed withing cotton wool, said prosecutor Donna Fawcett.

But the court heard there was no threat to public safety at the time the calls were made as the razor blades were in her possession for intended self harm.

Wardropper, 24, of Foxglove Close, was said to be suffering from personality disorder.

“One one occasion when a police officer met her outside the police station following her discharge from hospital earlier that day she told him she had concealed a blade within her ear,” said Ms Fawcett.

“It was so lodged that she was unable to remove it and had to be taken back to hospital.”

Magistrate Derek Broughton adjourned sentencing until Thursday 19th June so that probation reports could be prepared.

He left ‘all options open’ in terms of the sentence that could be handed out.

Wardropper was released on unconditional bail.