Worksop: New parking scheme unveiled for the town

New parking restrictions are being proposed for Worksop town centre
New parking restrictions are being proposed for Worksop town centre

Worksop people are to be asked for their views on a revised plan for parking restrictions in the centre of the town.

An experimental scheme that banned vehicles from Bridge Street between 10am and 4pm, with loading only allowed outside of these hours, and removed access for all Blue Badge (BB) and Special Access Permit (SAP) holders on sections of Bridge Place, Bridge Street and Castle Street, ended in July 2012.

Notts County Council’s new scheme proposes access at all times for SAP holders to Bridge Street (between Newcastle Street and Potter Street) and the pedestrianised section of Caste Street (except on market days).

There will be no access for BB holders at any time and also no access at any time for both SAP and BB holders to Bridge Place (between the Priory Centre car park access and Ryton Street) and Bridge Street (between Ryton Street and Newcastle Street). Loading vehicles will be allowed in both sections before 10am and after 4pm on all days.

The restrictions apply to drivers of all vehicles, not just SAP and BB holders, and it is intended that, as part of the scheme, additional disabled parking bays will be allocated on-street in the town centre.

Discussions are also to take place with Bassetlaw Council to look at improving the Shopmobility scheme in the town.

“We think that the proposed scheme balances the needs of everyone who uses the town centre,” said Coun Kevin Greaves, chairman of the county council’s transport and highways committee.

Public consultation on the proposals are expected to start in January.